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About Modernist

Guided by the forward-thinking duo of Kelly Max and Samy Halim, Modernist reimagines the intersection of art, lifestyle, and community. We curate a vibrant yet distinct range of offerings, from cutting-edge digital art to exquisite fine prints, from trend-setting streetwear to high-end haute couture collaborations. Each creation is meticulously designed to inspire our community and disrupt the status quo.

As an avant-garde lifestyle brand, Modernist not only sets the trend; we shape the future. Our globally connected team wields groundbreaking technology to provide members with unprecedented benefits and an innovative profit-sharing system, redrawing the boundaries of collective prosperity.

But we're not limited to Earthly pursuits. In a groundbreaking partnership with Lunaprise, we're catapulting our artwork to the moon. This audacious initiative transcends conventional limitations and ushers in a new era of cosmic artistic expression.

Being part of Modernist isn't just about wearing art; it's about setting sail on an interstellar odyssey. Join us, embrace the Modernist lifestyle, and let's together chart a course towards the future of art.